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Webster Sheryl Wee William

Webster Sheryl Wee William

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Webster Sheryl Wee William
Webster Sheryl Wee WilliamНет в наличии
428 грн.
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Wee William is the smallest in his family. Everything about him is small, as his other family members are keen to point out.`Your tiny ears`, says Daddy.`Your teeny whiskers`, says his big sister Martha.`And your little wriggle`, says Mummy. This is something William does when he`s out and about, doing all those things that toddlers do-feeding the ducks, swimming lessons, shopping with Mummy. But when Mummy or Daddy see him start to give that tell-tale wriggle, each one of these activities may need to be suddenly cut short in exchange for finding-quickly! - somewhere for him to`go`. Then one day, when he`s out playing with his friends, William has a little accident. After some gentle parental advice, William learns the importance of making sure he goes to the toilet before it becomes a matter of urgency. And the story ends with him enjoying all the thrills of the woodland fair without a single wriggle. There`s a lovely moment where the fairground ride makes William cry`Weeeeeee`for all the right reasons! ISBN:978-0-19-272919-4
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Срок комплектациидо 10 дней
Дата издания2011
Язык изданияРусский
Вид переплетаМягкий
АвторWebster Sheryl
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  • Цена: 428 грн.
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